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Our list of services

Laundry Service

Ensure your laundry is fresh and clean with Lucida Laundry. Removing stains, odours and bacteria is all part of a day’s job, and the team at Lucida have perfected the formula for great results.   Read More

Dry Cleaning

Ensure your delicate garments are well cleaned and maintained by Lucida Laundry’s dry cleaning services. Experienced in cleaning various fabrics and items, ranging from silk and wool, and from blouses to suits, you can be rest assured that the Lucida team is trained and experienced in handling your garments. Make the most of Lucida Laundry’s expert dry clean and steam services.  Read More

Carpet Cleaning

Maintain your carpets with a thorough cleaning every so often with Lucida Laundry. Experienced in cleaning a variety of carpets in plenty of sizes, clients have always been left satisfied with the final result, which is a fresh, clean and well-maintained carpet.  Read More

Leasing Service

Commercial establishments that require large amounts of linens may make use of Lucida Laundry’s leasing services. Providing a selection of linens in various sizes, establishments such as restaurants and hotels may benefit from an individual leasing plan that includes pick-up, cleaning and delivery of linens. This leasing plan is customisable and extremely beneficial to those who do not wish to commit to buying a large quantity of linens.  Read More

Curtain Cleaning

Keep your home bright and airy with crisp, spotless curtains that are expertly cleaned by the team at Lucida Laundry. Making use of specific equipment tailored for the job at hand means that the final result is perfect every time. A quality service is at the forefront of the team’s philosophy, so a quality clean is guaranteed.  Read More

Quilt Cleaning

There is nothing more inviting than freshly cleaned bedding. Due to heavy use, quilts require more cleaning than you might imagine. The Lucida Laundry team can restore a well-loved quilt to a beautifully clean state which will make your bed all the more alluring.   Read More